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This disclaimer is aimed to give you information about how W7Canada functions, things to keep in mind while using the website, and liability issues. This disclaimer should always be carefully read. You will then be aware of what to anticipate from us and how we operate.


You cannot play casino games at W7Canada.com.

The writers of the text on this page are all W7Canada staff. Text or code from this page may not be copied in any way. The Canadian Copyright Act will be used to hold you accountable in these situations.

Playing at the online casinos is always at your own risk, despite the fact that we take great care to only choose reputable and good casinos for the W7Canada website. W7Canada is not in any way liable if you use one of the provided online casinos to play or make a deposit. 

W7Canada only permits and encourages the usage of the casino game knowledge and methods for amusement purposes.

Reliability of Casinos

You will only find casinos at W7Canada that, in our opinion, meet the criteria for a safe and reputable casino. This indicates that the casino is legitimate on a global scale, has obtained all necessary licences, and abides by all laws and regulations. Equally crucial are the casino’s age verification policy (18+), fair casino software, and proactive addiction prevention efforts.

Never does W7Canada promote gaming. A responsible approach to playing casino games is crucial in the opinion of W7Canada. W7Canada offers suggestions for responsible gambling.  Following are some of the factors that W7Canada uses to choose trustworthy casinos.

Betting sensibly: W7Canada places a high value on how (online) casinos deal with gaming addiction. Numerous factors are considered. Are there any deposit cap options? Is there a way to exclude oneself? Is the questioned casino providing enough information regarding gambling addiction and its potential negative effects?

Customer service: Customer service is another factor W7Canada considers when rating (online) casinos. Are the casinos fast to respond? Is the customer service friendly? How do prior users rank the available customer service?

Clarity: According to W7Canada, it’s critical that (online) casinos be organized and clear. Consider clear and transparent bonus criteria, for instance.

Game Strategies

Along with a description of games and casinos, W7Canada also provides advice on potential approaches.

It has never been demonstrated that the methods will (always) increase your earnings. With every casino game you play, the house always has the advantage. You are not allowed to assert that the tactics W7Canada describes are effective.

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Applicable Legislation

W7Canada always takes into mind the relevant laws. As a player, you are urged to consider this as well.

Casinos (online) are not always granted licences by all nations. Therefore, it is possible that an online casino holds a licence in one nation but not the other. Additionally, it is possible for one casino to be licenced in a particular country. In certain circumstances, the player explicitly bears responsibility. You, the player, are in charge of determining this evaluation. We urge you to visit the official websites of the gaming regulator.

Player’s Responsibility

You are in charge of how you play the (casino) game when you decide to play one of the games mentioned on the W7Canada website. Given the nature of casino games, you should be aware of the risk of loss or addiction. We will let you know about these hazards and let you know that you are always in charge of your own behaviour.


W7Canada is not responsible for any techniques that have been proven unsuccessful and are listed on the casino website. The techniques are explicitly not proved to work and are merely meant to make the game more fun.

W7Canada is not responsible for any losses sustained as a result of engaging in casino games or developing a gambling addiction.


We always encourage you to get in touch with the customer service of this (online) casino directly if you have issues regarding the practices of (online) casinos.

You can always get in touch with us if you have concerns with the W7Canada game mechanics or content. Your complaints are treated carefully by us.